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Solutions for ALL Your Sawing Needs! There's Nothing We Can't Cut!

DoALL industrial metal cutting band saws combine maximum performance and versatility with guaranteed precision.

DoALL® Sawing was founded in 1927 by Leighton A. Wilkie, who invented and manufactured the first metal cutting band saw in 1933. DoALL is known for machine longevity and saw reliability. We continue to be a global leader for ALL your sawing needs! DoALL provides manual, semi-automatic and automatic metalworking band saws. DoALL® is a registered trademark of DoALL Company.

What Are Industrial Band Saws?

Industrial-grade band saws are powerful tools that enable you to easily cut consistent pieces or irregular shapes in metal or wood workpieces. They feature a sharp, thin rotating blade that allows you to make smooth, efficient cuts, saving time and effort. An industrial band saw machine is also compatible with an assortment of blades — you can make quick changes to ensure the best cutting results for your applications and material. 

Band Saw Capabilities

Band saw machines are an excellent choice for operations that require maximum flexibility. Use them to make high-precision cuts on materials ranging in size from an inch to up to 6 feet, depending on the specific machine's capabilities. Band saws can cut tougher metals like nickel-based alloys and even titanium with minimal effort. They can also cut various shapes from pipes, plates, tubes and solid bars. And if you need to cut many identical pieces from one long piece of stock, a band saw is typically the best tool for the job. 

Other band saw cutting machine advantages include:

  • Accuracy: Because your work is more visible when using this efficient metal sawing machine, you can follow the cutting line more easily. There's also less chance that the blade will wander when working with thicker materials.
  • Safety: Band saws provide a low-impact cutting solution. The blade cuts in a downward direction, which helps to hold the workpiece securely on the table and reduces the risk of a potentially dangerous kickback.
  • Affordability: Band saws typically provide a lower-priced machine sawing solution than precision circular saws and other cutting equipment. You can achieve superior results without stretching your company's budget.

DoALL Offers a Variety of Band Saws 

At DoALL, we strive to meet the machine sawing needs of customers in various industries by offering a wide range of high-quality band saws for sale. Our featured items include:

  • S-500CNC Miter Band SawOne of our numerous automatic sawing machines, this hydraulically controlled product can meet the needs of automotive shops, tool and manufacturing plants, mid-sized fabricators and more. It's the perfect choice for companies seeking to automate their parts production processes.
  • DS-600SA Dual-Miter Semi-Automatic Band SawThis powerful, efficient saw can meet the needs of fabrication shops, manufacturing plants and other facilities that cut tubing and structural shapes. The dual-swivel head enables you to make cuts at up to a 60-degree angle in either direction.
  • DS-280M Dual-Miter Manual Band Saw: This manually operated sawing machine provides a practical, cost-effective solution. Use it for cutting angular and vertical material in low-volume piece production applications. You'll have the flexibility to cut at two speeds. You can also choose from an assortment of accessories to customize the equipment to your specific requirements. 

Contact DoALL to Learn More

When you partner with DoALL, you get an unbeatable combination of high-quality products and exceptional support. We offer financing options to make your band saw purchase more affordable and warranty coverage for your protection and peace of mind. We also include installation and training for CNC and automated equipment in your purchase price. 

Contact our team for additional product and pricing information today.