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Carbon Steel Blades

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Carbon Steel Band Saw Blades

DoALL Sawing Products manufactures carbon band saw blades with light-to-medium production cuts and smaller-scale operations in mind. Carbon steel blades consist of tough alloys with high silicon content and have heat-treated, precision-milled teeth with flexible backing. These blades are versatile options for all types of low-speed cutting involving wood, non-ferrous metals and mild steel.

At DoALL, we aim to help our customers find the perfect tools for all of their cutting needs, and it doesn't stop with machinery. Regardless of what material you're cutting, our expert team can help you find the best blade for your specific equipment and applications.

Types of Carbon Steel Band Saw Blades We Offer

Deciding whether you have the correct type of blade on your saw can sometimes be challenging. Specific blades work better for some materials than others, and some premium blades can cut at much higher feed rates than economy-grade varieties. At DoALL, we can help guide you in making the most informed blade-purchasing decisions.

If you're looking for a lighter-duty blade to handle your cutting tasks, our carbon steel offerings might be the perfect choice for you. This selection comprises:

  • Dart: The flexible hardened back of our Dart blades allows for high band tension and heavy feed capacities. These blades are ideal for vertical band saw machines that cut non-ferrous metals, mild steel, wood and plastic.
  • Friction: Our Friction blades consist of silicon-enhanced carbon steel and hardened tooth tips for cutting some ferrous metals up to 25 millimeters thick. Additional benefits include slower set wear and longer service life.
  • Metal Master: DoALL's Metal Master blades are the most popular choice for most general-purpose vertical saws. These economically priced blades can handle most typical cutting tasks involving wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals. 
  • Olympia: We manufacture our Olympia blades specifically for wood and plastic cutting. Precision milling and hardened tooth tips provide accurate contour sawing and long blade life.

Applications and Benefits of Carbon Steel Saw Blades

Our carbon steel band saw blades typically work best on general-purpose vertical saws in lighter-duty applications. Some examples might include work in trade schools, carpentry shops, maintenance facilities and small production plants. Although most of these blades are optimal for cutting wood, they're durable enough to cut through non-ferrous metals, low alloy steel and plastic as well.

If you're unsure which blade option is best for your machine, please reach out to our team for assistance. 

Some of the benefits you'll see when using our carbon steel blades on your saws include:

  • Flex back carbon steel helps resist blade fatigue.
  • Economical blade costs help improve your bottom line.
  • Hardened back and precision tooth set cut faster and with more precision, leading to a higher-quality surface finish.

Shop Carbon Steel Band Saw Blades at DoALL Today

DoALL's engineering and manufacturing teams are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in the cutting tool industry. If there's a way to improve a cutting process, we'll find it. Our carbon steel blades are one example of the many high-quality cutting blade options we offer.

Request a quote today to get pricing on our carbon steel blades and start the purchasing process.

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