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Band Saw Blade Welders

Band saw blades sometimes break when there's still plenty of life on the cutting surfaces or teeth. Even the highest-quality blades can fail if there's something wrong with the machine, like a slight blade twist or a minor bearing misalignment. Band saw blade welders allow you to repair or fabricate a blade without the costs associated with buying a new one.

What Is a Band Saw Blade Welder?

DoALL band saw blade welders can weld, cut, anneal and grind blades, providing significant savings to any operation that goes through a high volume of cutting tools. Many of these machines come equipped with welding clamps, blade shears, a grinding wheel and a spark deflector. Easy-to-use controls provide a smooth transition between functions. 

Our band saw blade welders can:

  • Repair a broken blade that is still sharp and useful.
  • Produce a new blade from inexpensive band stock.
  • Rejoin a blade previously cut for other applications.

Band Saw Blade Welders and Parts for Sale by DoALL Sawing Products

DoALL offers band saw blade welders that cover a variety of power capacities, ranging from 208 volts for the lighter blades to 575 volts for the heavier types. Some of these welders complement specific cutting machines, like the 20276 Blade Welder for our 2013-V2 Vertical Contour Band Saw and the 175902 Welder for our 3613-V3 saw. All of our welders are CSA-approved and meet blade guard requirements set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

How DoALL Industrial Band Saw Blade Welders Work

Our welding machines use electrical resistance to join the ends of blades together. After the welding, the annealing process provides the blade with the necessary strength and flexibility to function effectively.

During welding, the blade ends must be square and butt up to each other evenly, as smooth contact is necessary to ensure a weld of even thickness throughout the blade's entire width. Grinding the ends helps create a smooth surface.

The welding process causes the metal to become brittle and hard, which is unsuitable for operation. The annealing process reheats the weld area to restore its flexibility, and the gradual cooling period gives it the strength it needs to withstand cutting operations.

Features of DoALL Band Saw Blade Welders

Using a DoALL blade welder can often create welds with higher tensile strength and greater flexibility than the original welds. Having control over the weld quality improves the overall blade consistency and durability.

The primary features of our band saw blade welders include the following:

  • A squaring sheer provides precise cuts.
  • The durable, sharp blade sheer cuts blades smooth and flat.
  • The cam-operated jaw locks allow for tighter clamping.
  • A dual-control switch furnishes accurate temperatures for annealing.
  • The grinding unit removes blade flash.
  • The machine connects easily to a variety of power sources.
  • A thickness gauge accurately checks the finished weld area.

Find Your New Band Saw Blade Welder at DoALL Sawing Products

At DoALL, one of our primary goals is to enhance cutting methods by developing innovative metal-cutting solutions for manufacturers and engineers across a range of industries. Our band saw blade welders are just one example of how we set the standard in achieving this objective. 

Add a blade welder to your cart today to start the ordering process. You can also complete our parts assistance form or call us at 800-321-9913 for more information.