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Get standard features that exceed the industry standard with the Continental Series™ metal cutting band saws by DoALL. These tools provide cutting-edge performance at a leading-edge price.

DoALL Hercules™ Dual-Column Horizontal saws are ideal for high production environments. Whether automatic, manual, or numeric controlled, DoALL metal cutting, high production power band saws deliver the cutting rates and accuracy you need to keep your sawing operation running smoothly. If you're looking for the best overall value in high production horizontal band sawing, check out DoALL — the first name in sawing for over 90 years.


Our Horizontal Double Column Miter Saws

Horizontal band saws have a long, toothed blade that swings an arc through objects positioned on a fixed cutting plane to create repeatable fixed-angle cuts. These dual-column saws are excellent for generating straight cuts with maximum precision on both wood and metal. They're typically made from cast iron, aluminum, or steel alloys.

In our inventory, you'll find a vast array of dual-column band saws that are durable, safe, and efficient, helping you produce the highest-quality cuts. We carry industrial horizontal band saws of all types, including:



Applications of Dual-Column Band Saws

Horizontal double-column miter saws are widely used across various industries, such as the automotive, electrical, woodworking, and electronic fields. You can most commonly find them in large-scale manufacturing companies, metal fabrication stores, and industrial workshops.

With a dual-column horizontal band saw in your facility, you can accomplish any of the following applications and more:


  • Cut large workpieces
  • Perform high-volume cuts
  • Cut tough materials
  • Cutt metal stocks
  • Deliver high-precision cuts


Benefits of Horizontal Band Saws

DoALL industrial horizontal band saws bring the performance, accuracy, and efficiency necessary for every industrial facility. These tools offer countless operational benefits and advanced capabilities that will serve you for years to come.

Some of the many advantages of using dual-column band saws include:


  • Quiet operation: Horizontal saws exhibit much quieter operation than other power tools.
  • Versatility: With horizontal saws, you can work with a wide range of materials, such as wood, metal, and plastics.
  • Zero vibrations: Industrial horizontal band saws function without producing vibrations.
  • Reduced waste: When you use our band saws, you can expect minimum wastage, saving you money.
  • Performance: Horizontal saws exhibit a high cutting rate and provide exceptional squareness.
  • Long blade life: Our horizontal band saws have a longer blade lifespan than other types of saws, enabling you to save on replacement blades.


Why Choose DoALL for Dual-Column Horizontal Saws?

DoALL has over 90 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, serving our customers with a complete line of band saws, blades and fluids since our establishment in 1927. Our team has decades of unsurpassed knowledge and expertise, making us industry experts you can trust for all of your sawing needs. We've designed our product line to fit the needs of customers across various industries and applications. We also offer custom solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

Our team has singlehandedly created many industry firsts, such as the metal cutting band saw, the alignment machine, the welded-tip tungsten carbide, and much more. We're always striving for constant innovation and improvement. 


Get an Industrial Horizontal Band Saw for Your Facility Today

You can add a high-powered dual-column band saw to your facility at DoALL Sawing Products. We're the only manufacturers in the world that produce sawing coolants, blades, and machines, meaning we're able to cover the entire industrial material cutting spectrum. Our team is dedicated to assisting customers with exceptional care while adhering to our core values — teamwork, doing the right thing, drive, and a can-do attitude.

Request a quote for more information on our band saws today!

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