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Semi-Synthetic Fluids

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Semi-Synthetic Cutting Fluid

Semi-synthetic cutting fluids contain both oil and synthetic additives. These blends typically have oil content ranging from 5-35%. The smaller percentage of oil in semi-synthetic blends allows heat to dissipate much faster than with soluble oils, improving tool life and the quality of the cut.

Types of Semi-Synthetic Cutting Oils We Offer

DoALL's semi-synthetic line of products yields the benefits of soluble and synthetic oils in one fluid. We formulate our semi-synthetic fluids with the most innovative technology to promote the best tramp oil rejection and long sump life. These products maintain a sharp line on the refractometer for close concentration control while combating bacteria and mold.

Many of our semi-synthetic cutting fluids come in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes for your convenience. Our product line includes:

  • BAND-ALL® 102: Our BAND-ALL 102 semi-synthetic blend performs well in various applications like sawing, grinding, drilling, boring and turning. It is environmentally friendly, as it contains no chlorine, sulfur or phosphorus-based additives. This product possesses excellent detergency properties, creating greater workpiece visibility during cutting.

Benefits of Using DoALL Semi-Synthetic Cutting Oils

Our semi-synthetic cutting fluids consist of optimal ingredient blends, producing oils that deliver superior lubricity and enhanced corrosion prevention levels. Many of our formulas contain frictional modifiers and extreme pressure additives to extend the life spans of your tools and machines. 

Some of the advantages of using our semi-synthetic blends include:

  • Semi-synthetic cutting oils are often more economical than fully synthetic blends and straight oils.
  • These blends deliver better lubricity and higher heat reduction than water-soluble and straight oils. 
  • They are more versatile than fully synthetic oils.
  • Semi-synthetic fluids keep your machinery and work environment cleaner than straight oils.
  • They provide better workpiece visibility than straight oils, resulting in higher cutting efficiencies and reduced setup time.

Shop Semi-Synthetic Cutting Fluids at DoALL Sawing Products Today

With over 90 years of experience as an industry leader, DoALL remains on the cutting edge of product development and innovation. Our semi-synthetic cutting fluids can provide a wide range of benefits to your operation, regardless of the size and type of your application. Contact us online today to learn more about our many products and services.