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The DoALL brand is known for band sawing from day one. DoALL invented the first metal cutting band saw, and since then, we've continued to lead band sawing innovations. DoALL invented the Bi-Metal band saw blade and released many improvements over the years. Today we are still the trendsetter in band saw blade technology. 

We have production facilities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe. Along with having our own team of dedicated band saw blade experts, we have factory authorized distributors worldwide focused on band saw blades, with many of them managing their own weld centers. Our network can provide technical support and fast response to any issue. 

Blades are available in welded lengths or coil stock. DoALL Blades are a cut above the rest! We're committed to your satisfaction and look forward to serving you.


What Is a Bi-Metal Blade?

Bi-metal blades are band saw blades comprising two different types of metal, as their name suggests. The toothed edge of the blade is made of high-speed steel, while the blade's body is constructed of spring steel. Both sections are then welded together, forming a single blade. This industrial band saw blade is primarily used for cutting different metals.


Our Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades

DoALL is the proud inventor of the first-ever bi-metal blade. While we've always had a knack for innovation, we also strive to continue improving upon our existing products to create the best possible results. We're always working to achieve the next big thing.

As the originators of the bi-metal band saw blade, we have a superior selection of cutting-edge sawing products in our inventory. Our bi-metal saw blades are designed with exceptional quality, optimal accuracy and maximum performance in mind.

If you're looking for metal-cutting band saw blades for your facility, you'll find the following models in our selection:

  • Silencer GP™
  • Silencer™ Plus
  • Penetrator™
  • Penetrator™ Prime
  • StructurALL™
  • StructurALL Prime
  • TiN Penetrator
  • TiN Supreme
  • Supreme™


Applications of Metal-Cutting Band Saw Blades

We design our bi-metal blades for industrial metal-cutting applications of all kinds. Facilities that commonly use our industrial band saw blades include manufacturers, steel service centers, tool and die shops, and fabricators. Whatever your field, these tools can deliver the high-efficiency cutting you need to produce top-quality products.

When you invest in metal-cutting band saw blades from DoALL, you can cut all of the following materials with ease:

  • Stainless steel
  • Pipes and tubes
  • Carbon steel
  • Mixed metal
  • Die steel
  • Tool steel
  • Angles and flat stock
  • Structural steel


Benefits of Using Industrial Band Saw Blades

Purchasing bi-metal band saw blades from DoALL means experiencing the many benefits of working with these state-of-the-art tools. Some of the many construction and performance advantages of bi-metal blades include:

  • Prolonged blade life: A bi-metal saw blade's edge stays sharper for considerably longer than standard carbon blades
  • Flexibility: Due to their spring steel constructions, bi-metal blades are able to bend without breaking, remaining flexible without comprising durability or resiliency.
  • Greater cutting capabilities: Metal-cutting band saw blades have sharp, long-lasting teeth that can easily cut through hard materials like steel.
  • More precise performance: These industrial band saw blades operate at high band tension, resulting in straighter, more accurate cuts than more traditional blades.
  • Cost-efficiency: Bi-metal saws have a low cost per cut compared to other blades, resulting in reduced expenses.


Purchase Bi-Metal Blades at DoALL Today

If you're looking for an industrial band saw blade that sets the standard for strength, flexibility and performance, consider buying bi-metal saw blades from DoALL. We've served as industry leaders in the sawing product manufacturing industry for over 90 years, giving us the extensive expertise needed to create innovations and custom technological solutions. In addition to inventing the first metal-cutting bandsaw, we're also the only company in the world that manufactures saw blades, fluids and machines.

Contact us with questions or comments about our sawing products today!