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DoALL Blades Are A Cut Above The Rest! There's Nothing We Can't Cut!

DoALL invented the first metal-cutting band saw and since then DoALL has continued to be a leader in band sawing innovations. With our years of experience, we are true metal-cutting experts. We are the only manufacturer to offer all the sawing elements, including sawing machines, blades, cutting fluids, material handling, and service.

Our DoALL technical support team and customer service team will work with you to find the right solution for your sawing application. The DoALL brand has been known for band sawing from day one. We "go beyond the sale" to make sure you're satisfied.

About Industrial Band Saw Blades 

Industrial saw blades can perform various cutting tasks on different types of metals. They can consist of a wide range of materials with specific properties that enable you to produce the desired result. The blade's teeth do the cutting — depending on the application, you can choose a blade containing one of the following tooth forms:

  • Precision: Provides maximum cutting accuracy and a smooth finish.
  • Claw tooth: The best choice for faster cuts or when working with softer materials.
  • Buttress: Use this blade with large chip loads.

The type of project will also impact the number of teeth a band saw blade should have. A blade with more teeth will cut more slowly, but it will yield a smoother finish. 

DoALL Offers a Variety of Bandsaw Blades for Different Applications

As a leading bandsaw blade manufacturer with more than 90 years of experience, DoALL can provide blades for any need. Some examples from our extensive inventory include:

  • Dart Carbon SteelThis blade consists of a high-quality carbon steel material with a rigid back that permits a heavy feed and high band tension. This material is less likely to break under extreme pressure, ensuring reliable cutting results and long-lasting performance. Consider this product for vertical band saw machines when cutting mild steels and other non-ferrous materials. 
  • Grit Edge DiamondConsider this blade if your tasks require cutting materials like marble, limestone, silicon or abrasive composites. The hard diamond grit edge provides reliable continuous cutting results when working with materials measuring up to 25 millimeters. This blade type is not a good option for steel cutting applications. 
  • Penetrator Bi-MetalThis blade is among the best bandsaw blades for stainless steel and high-production cutting applications. This fast-action blade can reduce cutting times by up to 20% at the same feed force setting, helping you keep your projects on schedule. The exceptional wear resistance ensures a longer blade life span and reduces your replacement costs. 
  • STC Tungsten CarbideTungsten carbide is approximately twice as stiff as steel, making these blades an excellent choice for cutting highly abrasive materials. They're less likely to become dull when working with graphite, aluminum castings and fiberglass.

Make DoALL Your One-Stop Industrial Saw Blade Supplier

When you purchase saw blades from DoALL, you get much more than high-quality products at competitive prices. We also provide exceptional service to maximize your customer experience. You'll benefit from our more than 90 years of delivering superior metal cutting solutions. 

Explore all your band saw blade options online today. You can also call us at 1-800-321-9913 to speak to a DoALL representative or fill out and submit our contact form.