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Industrial Specialty Saws

Depending on your specific application, you may need a cutting tool with a special or unique function to optimize your operation's efficiency. At DoALL Sawing Products, our machine offerings go well beyond basic, upright band saws. We furnish industrial specialty saws to perform tasks that very few standard machines can handle. 

Types of Specialty Band Saw Machines We Offer

Different sawing applications sometimes require a specific tool to get the job done right. While an upright contour saw can handle almost any task you throw at it, you may occasionally need a special saw designed to cover a particular requirement, like cutting large blocks or highly fragile material. Regardless of your cutting need, DoALL has a solution that can benefit your company's bottom line.

Examples of our specialty saws include:

  • Diamond saws: Diamonds saws get their name from the types of blades they use. The hard diamond grit edge provides precise cutting when working with quartz, glass, silicon and other abrasive composites. We offer our diamond saws in various designs and sizes to accommodate a broad range of applications.
  • Vertical plate saws: We offer vertical plate saws in three capacities, all designed to cut large solid plates or blocks of material. Hydraulic blade guides, roller lift tables and chip conveyors allow for quiet and efficient cutting of the heaviest materials. Drive motors are available in 10- or 15-horsepower configurations.
  • The DoALL Zephyr® vertical contour band saw: Our Zephyr vertical contour saw is unique because of its ability to cut up to 30 times faster than many conventional band saws. Its 15-horsepower AC inverter band drive can provide enough power to cut through the toughest materials, like Titanium and Inconel®. This saw is among the most dependable, versatile and durable machines on the market.

Industrial Specialty Saw Applications

Rather than making do with a saw not designed for a specific task, purchasing a specialty saw for your business might be a smart move, especially if you know you'll be doing the same job repeatedly over an extended period. Here are a few of the unique tasks our specialty saws can handle:

  • Cutting heavy grades of steel
  • Beam and pipe splitting
  • Cutting brittle materials, like quartz, silicon and glass
  • High-speed fabrication beyond the industry standard
  • Cutting large sheets or blocks too large for standard band saws

Benefits of Purchasing an Industrial Specialty Saw From DoALL

Many DoALL specialty saws have unique features or options not found in some of our general-purpose band saws, such as:

  • Multiple-size blade options
  • Lift tables and rollers to improve feed rate
  • Hydraulic blade guides for better accuracy
  • Easy-to-use control systems
  • Built-in measuring devices for quality assurance

In addition to the high-performance equipment features, we offer many services along with your purchase to show how we stand behind our products. When you buy a machine from us, our relationship goes far beyond your initial investment. 

Among the additional benefits we offer are:

Find an Industrial Specialty Saw for Your Operation Today

If your company has a unique cutting application, there's a good chance that DoALL has a specialty saw to fit your needs. Let our experts help you determine the optimal cutting solution. Learn about pricing for our industrial specialty saws by completing an online quote request.

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