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Soluble Oils

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Water-Soluble Cutting Oils

Water-soluble cutting oils, also known as emulsifiable cutting fluids, are among the most common types of cutting oils on the market. Water-soluble means that the fluids mix with water before application into the cutting system. These products often contain around 30-50% oil content before dilution.

One of the most noticeable benefits of water-soluble cutting fluids is that they are much more operator-friendly than synthetic blends, as they give off a far less potent odor.

Water-Soluble Cutting Oil for Sale by DoALL

DoALL water-soluble cutting oils form a stable oil and water emulsion to protect your cutting equipment. Soluble oils have low operator sensitivity and offer superior rust protection, surface finish and tool life. We offer an extensive selection of soluble cutting oils to handle various applications and materials, from superalloys to stainless steel to cast iron and more.

Our product line includes:

  • BAND-ALL® 101: DoALL BAND-ALL 101 performs well as a soluble oil coolant in medium- to heavy-duty machining applications. This green coolant works well to provide adequate lubrication and rust resistance in sawing and tapping operations. It is non-staining to most aluminum and copper alloys.

Benefits of Using Soluble Oil Cutting Fluid

Some of the primary advantages of using water-soluble oils over synthetic and semi-synthetic blends include:

  • Oils that dissolve in water are often more economical and less expensive.
  • Soluble cutting fluids work well for a broader range of applications.
  • You'll lower your environmental impact and promote operator health by using a soluble oil.
  • Water-soluble oils emit a less potent odor out of the barrel.

Shop Water-Soluble Cutting Oil at DoALL Sawing Products Today

At DoALL, we strive to develop our metalworking fluid product lines to reflect the industry's most stringent standards for being environmentally conscious. Our water-soluble cutting oils represent just one of our product lines that exhibit these green features. 

Contact us online today to discover how our cutting fluids can help improve the performance of your operation and discuss which best fits your purposes.