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When it comes to your sawing machines, it's vital that you have the materials necessary to keep them functioning with optimal efficiency for years to come. Band saw cutting oil plays a major role in ensuring that your saws deliver satisfactory results while standing the test of time.


Where Innovation Meets the Metalworking Industry. DoALL Fluids - Keep Your Blades Lasting Long!

At DoALL Sawing Products, we've manufactured cutting and grinding fluids since the 1950s. We offer a broad range of cutting oils like oils, semi-synthetics, synthetics and soluble oils. Our product line also includes grinding fluids, metalworking and machining coolants and lubricants, direct application machine tool lubricants, hydraulic, transmission, gear, and way/spindle oils. 

DoALL is committed to providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective performance fluids to improve operations and reduce costs. We're dedicated to offering environmentally friendly and worker-safe solutions to meet all your machining needs.

From design through manufacturing, every aspect of this journey involves you — the customer! We are committed to your satisfaction and look forward to serving you.


Our Cutting Fluids

Cutting fluids are coolants and lubricants used in metalworking applications. These oils reduce friction and prevent heat generation during the metal cutting process, subsequently improving cutting conditions and prolonging tool life.

At DoALL, we carry a comprehensive assortment of cutting oils designed to facilitate the cutting process and produce the most accurate results. Our vast inventory of band saw cutting oils includes:


  • Straight oilStraight oil cutting fluids offer optimal lubrication with the lowest cooling capacity. They are commonly used in heavy cutting operations.
  • Soluble oil: This cutting oil provides reliable lubrication for water-miscible fluids. It is used for machining ferrous and non-ferrous metals when a high cooling capacity is necessary.
  • Synthetic liquid: Synthetic fluids are water-based, meaning they easily dissolve in water and don't contain oil. They have excellent cooling properties and are often used for fine grinding applications.
  • Semi-synthetic fluidsThese machine cutting oils comprise a blend of soluble oils and synthetic fluids. Semi-synthetics offer dependable stability, lubrication and cooling performance.


Applications of Band Saw Cutting Oils

Cutting fluids are primarily used in metalworking and machining operations, such as milling, turning, broaching and sawing. Though these oils are somewhat industry-specific, they have many versatile applications.

Machine cutting oils are often used for:


  • Lubricating tooling.
  • Cooling tools and workpieces.
  • Cleaning machining areas.
  • Flushing chips from the cutting zone.
  • Reducing friction.
  • Improving surface finish.
  • Preventing rust formation.
  • Preventing build-up edge (BUE) formation.


Benefits of Using Machine Cutting Oil

When you invest in cutting fluids for your machining operations, you'll experience all the advantages of these valuable substances, including:


  • Prolonged tool life: Cutting fluids cool the cutting edge and reduce cutting tool wear, increasing machine lifespan.
  • Better surface finish: Cutting oil prevents tool seizure and galling to achieve a better-machined surface finish.
  • Reduced power consumption: Using networking oils prevents friction and reduces machining forces, saving energy by minimizing power consumption.
  • Surface protection: Machining oils have corrosion resistance properties, helping to safeguard machined surfaces from rust.
  • Chipping prevention: Band saw cutting oils reduce tool-chip friction by acting as a lubricating barrier.
  • Distortion elimination: Cutting fluids act as coolants, cooling workpieces to prevent distortion from heat generation and maintain dimensional accuracy.


Purchase Straight Oil Cutting Fluids and More From DoALL Today

You can ensure the highest-quality cutting outcomes with machine cutting oils from DoALL. With over 90 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we're considered industry leaders in sawing product production. We're proud to be the only manufacturing company in the world that creates sawing fluids, machines and blades. When you come to us, you can trust that we have the extensive knowledge necessary to help you secure the products that best serve your individualized needs.

If you have comments or inquiries, fill out a form, and one of our professionals will be in touch with you shortly!

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