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Support & ServiceALL® Program

At DoALL we are proud to provide industry leading customer service. Our technical service and customer service team will work with you to find the right solution to keep your DoALL band saws operating at peak performance. Our in-house service technicians have the skills and expertise to help troubleshoot any problems you may experience, and can provide the information you need on service parts, maintenance procedures and a wide variety of related topics. When you schedule a service call, one of our factory trained technicians will be sent either from the factory in Savage, Minnesota or from one of our regional technical support centers located around the U.S.

In addition to our technical support we also provide genuine DoALL factory repair parts. Our large inventory ensures that we will have the parts you need, when you need them. Whether you are looking for parts for a relatively new model or a vintage DoALL saw, a member of our skilled customer service team can easily find what you need.

Our experienced, knowledgeable service team members are committed to your satisfaction. Call or fill out the contact form today.

Customer Support Services:

Submit your questions via the online forms, email link or call1-800-321-9913 using the department extensions:

Do you inspect your machine after a specific number of jobs? Or, do you inspect equipment only after discovering an issue which caused poor performance? Have the DoALL team sweat the details and ensure your band saw(s) are operating at peak performance and decrease “down machine” events with the ServiceALL program.

Scheduled preventive band saw maintenance under ServiceALL will:

    • Increase accuracy and repeatability
    • Increase blade life
    • Improve the longevity of your sawing machine investment Increase productivity by decreasing down time, and stress
    • Improve the efficiency, quality, and overall performance of the cuts because the band saw machines are well maintained
    • Decrease the need for costly emergency maintenance events

    Here is the pricing guide for each DoALL saw model:


    Annual Fee

    Scheduled PM Events* every 12 months

    DoALL Product number - 231510
    2013-V2 and V3, 3613-V2 and V3, DS-280M, DS-320SA



    DoALL Product number - 231511
    DS-500SA, DS-600SA, S-320CNC, S-500CNC



    DoALL Product number - 231512
    DC-280NC, DC-330NC, DC-420NC, DC-460NC, DC-560NC, DC-700NC, DC-800NC, 4100, 916, 305,400S



    DoALL Product number - 231513
    DC-330SA, DC-560SA, DC-1100SA, DC-1700SA



    DoALL Product number - 231514
    DCDS-600CNC, DCDS-750CNC, DCDS-600SA, DCDS-750SA



    DoALL Product number - 231515
    DC-300CNC, DC-400CNC, DC-510CNC, DC- 620CNC, DC-750CNC, DC-1000CNC, DC-1400CNC, TDC-400SA, TDC-600SA, TDC-400CNC, TDC-600CNC



    *Valid as of November 1, 2020. Cost per-machine maintained.

    Take advantage of a 5% discount on any parts ordered as a benefit of the DoALL ServiceALL program.

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