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Vertical Contour Saws

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Vertical Contour Band Saws

Vertical contour saws are among the most versatile cutting tools available. These saws can accommodate an extensive range of materials, from aluminum to steel to plastic to wood. These machines are essential for operations that cut various substrates across multiple applications.

At DoALL Sawing Products, we offer an extensive selection of vertical contour band saws to handle all of your cutting requirements.

What Is a Vertical Contour Band Saw?

Vertical contour saws are the most popular band saw across the entire industrial sector thanks to their ability to perform a wide range of tasks. Most vertical band saws use wheels that rotate on the same plane to drive the blade. The structure of the saw keeps the blade moving in the same plane as the workpiece moves into it.

Vertical band saws perform intricate contour cuts with controlled speeds and straight crosscuts at higher feed rates.

Types of Vertical Contour Band Saws We Offer

Whether you need a general-purpose upright saw at your trade school or a heavy-duty metal cutting saw for your fabrication shop, we have a perfect size and power option for your requirements. Many facilities prefer our versatile saws because they minimize the number of cutting tools they need. Our vertical band saw offerings include:

  • Diamond saws
  • Vertical contour band saws
  • High-speed contour band saws

Vertical Contour Band Saw Applications

Vertical contour saws are present in almost any facility that needs a single cutting solution for a broad range of materials, like machine shops, maintenance departments, trade schools, tool and die shops, and more. With the ability to make linear and contour cuts, few cutting tools possess a vertical saw's versatility. Most of our saws can easily handle multiple-piece plastic and fibrous material cutting.

Our heavy-duty models can cover all the production demands of heavy sheet metal and tough tool steel.

The following represent a few common applications:

  • Multiple-piece cutting
  • High-precision manufacturing
  • Crosscutting
  • Friction Cutting
  • Contour cutting
  • Metal stock fabrication

Benefits of Purchasing a DoALL Vertical Contour Band Saw

Vertical band saws provide limitless advantages you can't find in most other cutting tools. By having a DoALL band saw in your facility, you'll experience the following benefits:

  • High performance: Our many advanced features offer faster cutting and higher production levels.
  • Versatility: Our vertical band saws can cut an extensive range of materials, from metal to wood to plastic and more.
  • Precision: Our state-of-the-art structural engineering and high-quality blades produce the highest-quality workpieces.
  • Safety: Our machines contain the most innovative features to ensure the highest levels of operator safety. 

Additional benefits and packages we offer with each equipment purchase include:

Choosing DoALL as Your Trusted Sawing Products Provider

At DoALL Sawing Products, our primary goal is to help you resolve all your cutting needs by offering the highest-quality machines and the best service in the industry. Our knowledgeable and experienced team stands ready to guide you through the purchasing process, allowing you to make informed decisions at every turn. Fill out a quote request form today to learn about our vertical contour band saw pricing.

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