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Metal-cutting cold saws offer the ideal solution for companies looking to achieve increased cutting accuracy and performance paired with maximum safety. 

At DoALL Sawing Products, we've spent over 90 years creating sawing machines, coolants, and blades for companies across all industries and continue to be the only manufacturers that do so worldwide.


Industrial Circular Saws

Industrial Circular Cold saw machines are motor-driven circular saws with toothed cutting discs designed to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, such as wood, aluminum, plastic, polystyrene, and insulation. Their saw blades comprise high-speed steel or tungsten carbide and are ideal for cutting short lengths and small diameters.

DoALL provides its customers with cutting-edge industrial circular saws that set the standard for performance and dependability. Our industrial cold saws offer complete automation to deliver the most precise cuts for increased time and money savings.

We carry three circular saw solutions, including:


  • SC-100A Circular Saw: This 15 horsepower (HP) cold saw reduces operator fatigue and increases user safety with automatic bar loading capabilities. With the SC-100A, you can produce the highest-quality parts with minimal effort.
  • SC-150A Circular Saw: Our 25 HP automatic circular saw features a heavy-duty construction and fully digital controls to generate higher cutting rates, better surface finish, optimal accuracy, and increased blade life.
  • SC-75A Circular Saw: The SC-75A metal-cutting cold saw provides complete automaton with CNC controls, economic capacity, a 15 HP motor and compact design.


Industrial Applications of Metal-Cutting Cold Saws

Due to their reliable performance and versatile operation, dual-blade circular saws are used across many diverse industries and applications. These tools make powerful additions to practically any machining or fabrication shop. Their accurate part lengths and milled milter edges are ideal for manufacturing products like window and door frames. Because industrial circular saws are fully automated and therefore produce repeatable results, they're often used in robotic welding.

Other common applications of cold saw machines include:


  • Tubing and pipes.
  • Sign manufacturing.
  • Window frames and extensions.
  • Parting operations.
  • Metal fabrication.


Advantages of Dual-Blade Circular Saws

If you're on the fence about whether to invest in a metal-cutting cold saw, consider all the advantages of these industrial power tools:


  • Safety: Circular saws generate fewer sparks, dust, and heat than traditional saws, minimizing fire hazards in the shop.
  • Performance: Due to their toothed blades, cold saws deliver clean and accurate cuts with minimal burr production and reduced discoloration, making them highly dependable for straight and angled cuts alike.
  • Cost-efficiency: Though circular blades sometimes have higher initial costs, you can resharpen and reuse them dozens of times, resulting in significant long-term savings. 
  • Versatility: You can use dual-blade circular saws to cut materials of all shapes, such as tubes, extrusions, and rods. These saws are also available in many blade configurations. 


Optimize Your Industry With Cold Saw Machines From DoALL

You can find cutting-edge industrial circular saws at DoALL Sawing Products. As global leaders in sawing product manufacturing, we use our extensive industry knowledge and advanced technology capabilities to create vertical solutions individualized to your business needs.

For more information on our solutions, request a quote to get in touch with a representative today!

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