After a year of dealing Covid-19 Pandemic and the hardships that came with it, DoALL employees finally returned to work full-time. In celebration, DoALL Sawing Products held a luncheon for its employees to celebrate all their anniversaries and achievements. Over the past year, DoALL Sawing Products expanded its team with some wonderful new hires.


Some of our New Hires in 2021 included:

  • ​Cheryl Ferrari, Administration started in February
  • Leonard Borowski, Technical Phone Support started in February
  • Kristen McKillip, HR manager started in March. Read more about Kristen in our employee spotlight.
  • Luke Patzner, Marketing Specialist started in April
  • Michael Wilmer, Production Operatorstarted June
  • Khanchanh Phetphrachanh, Machinist started in June
  • David Suihkonen, Manager of Customer Service & Engineering

 started in June

  • Liz Fyffe, Help Desk Technician started in March

Read more about Liz in our employee spotlight.

  • Catherine (Cathi) Niejadlik, Buyer/Planner started in June ​
  • Matthew (Matt) McGlothlin, Field Service Tech for Ohio started in July
  • Victoria (Tori) Rivisto, Customer Service Coordinator started in July


In addition to celebrating coming back to work and the expansion of the DoALL family, DoALL also celebrated its employee’s achievements.


The following employees received recognition:


  • Cherie DeBrule, Marketing Content Designer received 1-year service award.
  • Samuel Weiers, Mechanical Engineering received 1-year service award
  • Chuck Chenvert, Manufacturing Engineering received 3-year service award
  • Bruce Corcoran, Electrical Controls Engineer received 3-year service award.
  • Dean Reeve, Production Control Planning received 1-year service award
  • Omar Kahn, Assembler received 3-year service award
  • Mary Lamminen, Material Handling received 3-year service award
  • Linda Aldrich, Payroll/Benefit received her 50-year service award. Linda’s 50-year achievement was the highlight of our luncheon. Read more about Linda in our employee spotlight here.


DoALL’s return to work luncheon brightened the entire team’s week by bringing everyone together over some wonderful food and celebrating the entire teams’ achievements/additions.

Check out our slideshow below.