Megan Fyffe, also known as Liz among her coworkers, is one of our newest additions to the team of DoALL employees. She is currently serving as a help desk technician at DoALL Sawing Products. Her duties include providing Liz Fyffetechnical support and assistance to our employees and customers related to computer systems, software and hardware. She provides these services in person, on the phone, or remotely.

After she left her last job as a teacher’s aide at Step by Step, Elizabeth wanted to build her career in IT and the Help Desk. When she joined DoALL, her love for video games, superheroes and anime turned out to be a perfect match with the upbeat and friendly environment. As a student continuing her education in college, Elizabeth hopes to further gain expertise and knowledge in the field of IT.

Since the last three weeks when Elizabeth first started at DoALL, she has already made several new friends. When asked about her favorite part of working at DoALL, she said, “They have all been more than welcoming, and made me feel like a part of their team”. In a short period of time, she has earned her the respect due to her services and her coworkers can always count on her to help fix the issues they might be facing.

Elizabeth has a creative mind and she loves creating characters and stories and to go along with them, watching as they grow and develop throughout the story. This passion has also made her a huge fan of video games, superheroes and anime. With her fast learning ability, Elizabeth has been quickly adjusting to the work environment at DoAll and shown a remarkable willingness to face any challenge at the work. This capability has proven to be a remarkable asset for the company.