DoALL is proud to introduce Kristen McKillip, a new addition to the team of DoALL employees. Kristen is the Human Resource Manager. Currently, she is helping the company in implementing the organizational psychology and Kristen McKillipleadership principles required to change the company culture.

Kristen has a very lively personality, and she loves meeting new people. According to her, getting to know the employees is one of her favorite projects at DoALL. She loves having meaningful conversations with each employee to understand their role in DoALL.  The obvious commitment and sacrifices that have been made by each employee for their company was a HUGE source of inspiration for Kristen.

Kristen’s determination to overcome challenges has proven to be a real asset for DoALL. She tackles the problems head-on, and she works hard to determine what level of formal processes help her team achieve their highest potential. According to her, a typical workday at the company is like ‘drinking from a fire hydrant’, as quoted by Steve Yulga.

Prior to joining DoALL, Kristen worked as an organizational consultant and HR Manager for multiple global companies. Kristen is also a big fan of Sun Tzu’s Art of War methodology which is in line with her driven nature and “no-nonsense” approach towards competition. Her favorite quote by Sun Tzu is, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Kristen aspires to be helpful in bringing about cultural change that embraces the employee, creates a continuous learning environment, and opens the lines of communication, collaboration, and cooperation. She is committed to our company vision: Working as a team, Doing the right thing- every time, Maintaining a can-do attitude, and Remaining driven. Her favorite part of working at DoALL is and will continue to be the opportunity to contribute and make a positive impact.