TDC-400SA - Dual Column Tube Band Saw

DoALL TDC-400CSA Dual Column Tube Cutting CNC Band Saw
TDC-400SA - Dual Column Tube Band Saw

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Machine Capacity: 16 x 16" (400x400mm) | Round Tube: 16" (400mm)
Production Level: Extreme

The DoALL Olympia™ TDC-400SA is a semi-automatic dual column, metal-cutting band saw specially designed to cut standard tube and pipe. The TDC-400SA offers bundling to save time and money in high production environments like metal service centers. Also classified as a horizontal power specialty tube cut-off saw, the TDC-400SA ships with a work light, work height sensor and discharge chute.A large variety of optional accessories are available to customize the machine for specific sawing requirements.



Standard Equipment:

  • Mitsubishi saw control
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Work light
  • Pulley-driven, band brush
  • Automatic guide arm setting
  • Work height sensor
  • Overfeed protection
  • Variable vise pressure control
  • Discharge chute
  • Hydraulic band tension
  • Worm chip conveyor
  • Flood coolant
  • Tool kit
  • Complimentary DoALL cutting fluids package
  • One DoALL bi-metal saw blade
  • Instruction and parts manuals on CD or USB data stick
  • Cutting Capacity Round Tube: 16" (400mm)
  • Cutting Capacity Rectangle: 16 x 16" (400x400mm)
  • Maximum Bundle Capacity: 15.8" x 13.4" (400x340mm)
  • Minimum Bundle Capacity: 1.2″
  • Band Saw Blade Width: 1-1/4" x 0.042" (34x1.1mm)
  • Maximum Blade Length: 178" (4520mm)
  • Remnant Length Drop: 2″
  • Band Speed: 65-328 fpm (20-100mpm)
  • Band Drive: 4 hp (3kW)
  • Hydraulic Pump: 1 hp (0.75kW)
  • Coolant Pump: 0.12 hp (0.09kW)
  • Coolant Pump Capacity: 16 gal (60 lit)
  • Material Pass Line Height: 31-1/2" (800mm)
  • Machine Weight: 2072 lbs (940kg)
  • Dimensions W x L x H: 63 x 41 x 81" (1600x1030x2050mm)

Optional Accessories:

  • Power-driven, band brush
  • Feed rate indicator
  • Front vise nesting
  • Worm chip conveyor for stainless
  • Mist-style saw band lubrication
  • Laser line generator
  • Cut piece collection box with drain
  • Chip pan with drain
  • Handle for chip pan or collection box
  • Input and output roller conveyors with drip pan - 17.7x39.4″ or 17.7x78.7″ (450x1000 or 450x2000mm)
  • Power chain driven roller conveyors - 2205lbs/3.28' (1000kg/m), 17.7x39.4″ or 17.7x78.7″ (450x1000 or 450x2000mm)
  • Input or output conveyor for angle cuts - 3748lbs/3.28' (1700kg/m), 24.4x31.5″ (620x800mm)
  • Hydraulic lift roller conveyor - 17.7x78.7″ (450x2000mm)
  • Additional conveyor rollers
  • Single fixed or movable side vertical guide roller - 11x17.7″ (280x450mm)
  • Vertical hold - 1543lbs (700kg)
  • Work stop with ruler - 6.56' (2m)
  • Work stop with digital display - 6.56' (2m)
  • Powered work stop
  • Powered work stop with digital display
  • Work stop extension - 79" (2000mm)
  • Wear parts service kit

Please note that some accessories require extra lead time due to factory installation.


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