DS-500SA Dual-Miter Semi-Automatic Band Saw

DS-500SA DoALL Dual Miter Semi-Automatic Band Saw
DS-500SA Dual-Miter Semi-Automatic Band Saw

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Variable Vise Pressure Control, Work Light and Mist-Style Band Lubrication 

Machine Capacity: 14x20" (360x500mm)
Round Tube: 15″ (380mm) | Round Solid: 9-7/8″ (250mm)
Production Level: Intermittent

The DoALL DS-500SA StructurALL® semi-automatic, dual-miter metal-cutting band saw is designed for cutting material both linear and at angles. Miter angle cuts are possible up to 60° left and right. A digital readout comes standard and makes it easy to verify exact cutting angles. Also classified as a horizontal structural, scissor saw, the DS-500SA is ideal for machine shops, repair facilities and industrial manufacturing plants that need to occasionally cut metal solid and profile material. A large variety of optional accessories are available to customize the machine for specific sawing requirements.



Standard Equipment:

  • Mitsubishi saw control
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Pulley-driven band brush
  • Overfeed protection
  • Digital read out of cutting angle
  • Work light
  • Mist-style band lubrication
  • Variable vise pressure control 
  • Flood coolant
  • Tool kit
  • Complimentary DoALL cutting fluids package
  • One DoALL bi-metal saw blade
  • Instruction and parts manuals on CD or USB data stick
  • Cutting Capacity Round Tube: 14" (360mm)
  • Cutting Capacity Rectangle: 14.17x19.69" (360x500mm)
  • Cutting Capacity Round Solid: 9-7/8" (250mm)
  • Nesting Capacity Min and Max: 0.20" (5mm) to 19.7" x 8.7" (500x220mm)
  • Miter Cutting: 60° left and 60° right
  • Capacity Round at 45°: 14.2" (360mm)
  • Capacity Rectangle at 45°: 15.75" x 7.5" (400x190mm)
  • Capacity Round at 60°: 12.2" (310mm)
  • Capacity Rectangle at 60°: 10.6" x 12.6" (270x320mm)
  • Band Saw Blade Width: 1-1/4" x 0.042" (34x1.1mm)
  • Maximum Blade Length: 188" (4780mm)
  • Band Speed: 65-328 fpm (20-100mpm)
  • Band Drive Motor: 4 hp (3kW)
  • Hydraulic Pump: 0.07 hp (0.05kW)
  • Coolant Pump: 0.6 hp (0.44kW)
  • Coolant Pump Capacity: 5-1/4 gal (20 lit)
  • Material Pass Line Height: 32" (815mm)
  • Machine Weight: 1576 lbs (715kg)
  • Dimensions W x L x H: 114 x 43 x 56" (2873x1080x1420mm)

Optional Accessories:

  • Discharge vise
  • Front vise nesting
  • Cut piece collection box with drain
  • Chip pan with drain
  • Handle for chip pan or collection box
  • Input or output roller conveyor with drip pan - 551lbs/3.28' (250kg/m), 20.5x39.4″ or 20.5x78.7″ (520x1000 or 520x2000mm)
  • Heavy-duty input or output roller conveyor with drip pan - 2205lbs/3.28' (1000kg/m), 20.5x39.4″ or 20.5x78.7″ (520x1000 or 520x2000mm)
  • Power chain- or worm-driven conveyor - 2204lbs/3.28' (1000kg/m), 20.5x78.7" (520x2000mm)
  • Input and output filler conveyor with drip pan- 3748lbs/3.28' (1700kg/m), 20.5x78.7" (520x2000mm)
  • Input and output powered conveyor with drip pan, specially shaped for angle cutting - 3748lbs/3.28' (1700kg/m), 20.5x78.7" (520x2000mm)
  • Fixed or movable vertical guide roller - 7.9x 20.5″ (200x520mm)
  • Vertical hold down - 1543lbs (700kg)
  • Additional conveyor rollers
  • Work stop with ruler - 6.56' (2m)
  • Work stop with digital display - 6.56' (2m)
  • Powered work stop
  • Powered work stop with digital display - 6.56' (2m)
  • Work stop extension - 79″ (2000mm)
  • Wear parts service kit

Please note that some accessories require extra lead time due to factory installation.


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This brochure features DoALL Horizontal StructurALL® metal cutting band saws.