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SILENCER PLUS 13'2"X1-1/4"X.042 5-8T - Band Saw Blade


Silencer Plus™ blades for sawing a wide variety of shapes and metals. Use these blades to saw - Easy through difficult-machining metals in solids and structurals.
Type: Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade - Welded Uncoated
Model: 333-358
Material: M42 HSS Tooth
Pitch: 5-8 Teeth Per Inch
Width: 1-1/4 inches (34mm)
Gauge: 0.042 inches (1.1mm)
Length: 158 inches or 13' 2"(4013mm)

Made to order
SKU 333-358158.000

• HSS tooth
• Positive rake angle
• Aggressive, high wear resistant, multi-purpose blade
• Designed for longer life at higher cutting rates and high sawing speeds
• Tests have shown improved performance, reduced noise level, and improved reliability
• All metals including stainless steel, carbon steel especially used in solids
• Not for interrupted cutting and sawing