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TDC-400CNC - Dual Column CNC Tube Band Saw

Machine Capacity: w 16” x h 16" (400mm x 400mm)
Machine Capacity Round Tube: 16" (400mm)
Production Level: Extreme

Standard Features: Mitsubishi Automatic Controls, Work Height Sensors and Variable Vise Pressure Control

The DoALL TDC-400CNC is a highly efficient hydraulically controlled band-saw with multiple material feed. It is equipped with a programmable digital Mitsubishi controller, so the blade, as well as the indexer movement, is fully automated. The operator simply programs the required specifications and can begin cutting, with minimal interaction with the saw.

If you’re a primary metal center, piping or oil and gas contractor looking to cut round tubes and pipe at a high production rate, the DoALL TDC-400CNC is an excellent choice. Nesting and auto indexing means you can load up multiple pieces of metal stock and cut at an increased speed.

The blade is sloped 7 degrees to cutting table, which enables better performance during cutting of profiles as well as full materials – this improves blade life.


Standard equipment included with your purchase of a new DoALL TDC-400CNC:

  • Mitsubishi saw control
  • Overfeed protection
  • Work light
  • Worm chip conveyor
  • Variable vise pressure control - Set of 2
  • Pulley-driven band brush
  • Hydraulic band tension
  • Automatic guide arm setting
  • Discharge chute
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Work height sensor
  • Operation and parts manuals on CD or USB data stick
  • Tool kit
  • Complimentary DoALL cutting fluids package
  • One (1) complimentary DoALL bi-metal saw blade

Machine Details & Specs:

  • Cutting capacity for round - Tube: 16" (400mm), Solid: 9.875" (250mm)
  • Cutting capacity for rectangle – 16” x 16" (400mm x 400mm)
  • Maximum nesting capacity – w 15.75" x h 13.375" (400mm x 340mm)
  • Auto Index Single Stroke Min-Max - 0.12” - 19.9" (3mm - 505mm)
  • Auto Index Multiple Stroke Min-Max - 394" (9999mm)
  • Band saw blade dimensions - Width: 1.25” x 0.042" (34mm x 1.1mm), Length: 178" (4520mm)
  • Band speed - 65-328 fpm (20-100mpm)
  • Band drive motor - 4 HP (3kW)
  • Hydraulic pump - 1 HP (0.75kW)
  • Coolant pump - 0.12 HP (0.09kW)
  • Coolant capacity - 16 gal (60 lit)
  • Material pass line height – 31.5" (800mm)
  • Machine weight – 2,866lbs (1300kg)
  • Dimensions W x L X H – 102” x 102” x 72" (2600mm x 2600mm x 1815mm)
  • Machine voltage - 460vac, 3-Phase, 60hz, Wye configuration required
  • Conveyor width (cylinder) – 17.75" (450mm)
  • Remnant Length Drop - 6" (150mm)

Optional Accessories:

  • Mist-style saw band lubrication
  • Laser line generator
  • “Long chip" worm chip conveyor (includes BOX-TRI chip pan)
  • Hydraulic front and rear vise nesting - Set of 2
  • Power-driven band brush
  • 3 ft. (1000mm) Input or output conveyor with drip pan/gutter – 17.75" (450mm) cylinder width - 672 lbs/ft (1000kg/m) capacity
  • 3 ft. (1000mm) Output conveyor with drip pan/gutter – 17.75" (450mm) cycle width - 672 lbs/ft (1000kg/m) capacity - Used to connect RDT and vise
  • 6 ft. (2000mm) Input or output conveyor with drip pan/gutter – 17.75" (450mm) cylinder width - 672 lbs/ft (1000kg/m) capacity
  • Single adjustable horizontal conveyor roller - 470 lbs/ft (700kg/ft) capacity
  • Single fixed vertical guide roller - 11" (280mm) cylinder height - Attaches to RDT for operation
  • Single adjustable vertical guide roller - Moves up to 17.75" (450mm) cylinder width - 11" (280mm) cylinder height - Requires RBR for operation
  • Chip pan with drain
  • Handle for chip box
  • Cut piece collection box with drain
  • Wear parts service kit - Lead-in bearings, carbide guide inserts, insert screws, band brushes
  • Magnetic wand chip remover
  • Additional digital copy of manuals on CD or USB data stick
  • Start-up kit - includes 6 genuine DoALL blades, Vernier caliper, heavy-duty work gloves, refractometer, work apron, safety glasses, squeegee, magnetic wand chip remover and ball cap
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty available (Cut Above Lifetime Warranty)
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DoALL Olympia Tube & Pipe Saw Brochure