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Industrial metal band saws are among the most versatile sawing machines in the industry, delivering precise and efficient cutting performance paired with user-friendly operation.

At DoALL Sawing Products, we offer a broad inventory of heavy-duty band saws that bring power and performance to every job site.


Our Heavy-Duty Band Saws

Industrial metal band saws comprise a long blade with a continuous toothed metal sheet and rotating wheels that drive the blade as it cuts. These tools feature uniformly distributed tooth loads designed to deliver precise lacerations with uniform cutting actions. They're also ideal for cutting irregular shapes and reutilizing wood.

At DoALL, we manufacture large industrial band saws built with power, performance and durability in mind. Our complete product inventory features over two dozen band saw machines for countless industrial applications, such as high-production, miter cutting, vertical contour and general-purpose uses.

When you browse our saw machines, you'll find all of the following configurations:


  • Vertical contour band saws
  • High-speed contour band saws
  • Structural band saws
  • Dual-column enclosed CNC band saws 
  • Dual-column table band saws
  • Dual-column semi-automatic band saws
  • Production band saws
  • Semi-automatic band saws
  • Dual-column ball screw and saws
  • Dual-column, dual miter band saws


Applications of Industrial Metal Band Saws

You can use cutting-edge industrial band saws from DoALL across countless industries and applications. These sawing machines are most commonly used for metalworking, woodworking and lumbering, though their uses go far beyond these fields.

Additional band saw applications include:


  • Resawing.
  • Rip cuts.
  • Circle cuts.
  • Mutilple pieces cutting.
  • Large workpiece cutting.
  • High-volume cuts.
  • Metal stock cutting.
  • High-precision cutting.
  • Industrial material cutting.


Benefits of Using Heavy-Duty Band Saws

Band saws come with numerous advantages that make sawing applications easier and more efficient, bringing advanced components and capabilities you can't find with other cutting saw machines. With a DoALL band saw in your workplace, you'll experience all of the following benefits:


  • Versatility: Band saws can cut all types of materials with outstanding versatility, including wood, metal, timber and even meat.
  • Performance: Industrial band saws are known for their rapid cutting speeds, visibility and depth of cutting. Their many advanced features enable them to produce straighter cuts.
  • Safety: These low-impact tools cut in a downward direction, helping to keep workpieces securely in place on the table, minimizing the risk of injury.
  • Precision: Our band saws feature thin, top-quality blades that give operators complete control over their saws, leading to more precise cuts.
  • Waste reduction: Due to their narrow blades, metal band saws produce a smaller cut thickness, resulting in less sawdust. You can also use these tools to resaw lumber to create multiple boards from one large piece of wood, helping you minimize waste and save money.


Invest in a Large Industrial Band Saw You Can Rely On

If you're in the market for a heavy-duty band saw that delivers unmatched performance and precision, DoALL has the tools you're looking for. We're proud to have served our customers with state-of-the-art sawing solutions for over 90 years while acting as the only manufacturer in the world that produces sawing machines, fluids and blades.

Request a quote for more information on our cutting saw machines today!

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