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Dual Column Enclosed Saws

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If your company cuts tough materials like metal, you require a powerful and dependable band saw to get the job done right. Dual-column enclosed band saws offer excellent performance and safety due to their innovative construction, making them suitable for many industries and applications.

You can purchase top-of-the-line dual-column enclosed saws from DoALL Sawing Products to serve your industrial cutting needs. We've dedicated ourselves to improving cutting methods for manufacturers, designers and engineers in all industries for over 95 years and counting.

Dual-Column Enclosed Band Saws for Sale

Dual-column band saws are a type of sawing machine where the head travels down two posts. Enclosed configurations of these saws feature a box-like enclosure around the saw blade to ensure safe operation.

You can find various dual-column enclosed band saws for sale at DoALL. We design all of our saws to facilitate cutting-edge performance with optimal precision and efficiency. Our dual-column enclosed saw line includes two primary types of band saws — dual-column enclosed automatic band saws and semi-automatic band saws. All six of our band saw configurations are equipped to deliver rugged, continuous performance, no matter the industry or application.

Applications of Dual-Column Enclosed Saws

Band saws are highly versatile machines that deliver excellent cutting performance for a wide range of industrial materials. Their reliable and efficient operation has made these tools popular across countless industries, from job shops, to high-volume manufacturing.

When you purchase a dual-column enclosed band saw from DoALL, you can use it to compliment any of the following industrial applications:

  • Milling
  • Machining
  • General Metalworking
  • Straight cutting

Dual-Column Enclosed Band Saw Benefits

At DoALL Sawing Products, we develop every sawing machine with power, performance and reliability at the forefront — and our dual-column enclosed saws are no exception. If you're interested in purchasing one of our saws for your industrial facility, consider the many benefits of our dual-column band saws:

  • Operational safety: With enclosed saw blades, our dual-column saws limits on-site workers direct exposure to the moving band saw blad and keeps them safe from projectiles to promote even further protection.
  • Cutting versatility: Our dual-column enclosed band saws can work with a wide range of industrial materials, like stainless steel, titanium composites and acrylic.
  • Excellent performance: DoALL band saws are built for optimal performance, cutting materials quickly and efficiently with precision and accuracy.
  • Minimal waste: When you use dual-column enclosed saws, you'll generate minimal waste, helping your business save money.
  • Innovative features: Buying enclosed band saws from DoALL means getting access to advanced product features like work height sensors, zone cutting to optimize the blade and machine, automatic guide arm settings creating maximum beam strength of the blade and built-in work lights which illuminate the work area for safety and productivity.

Purchase Dual-Column Encosed Saws From DoALL Today

You can find high-performing dual-column enclosed band saws to serve your industrial cutting needs at DoALL Sawing Products. When you purchase band saw solutions from us, you'll enjoy a free sawing analysis, affordable financing, machine maintenance and repair services and more. With industry-leading solutions for all your sawing needs, there's nothing we can't cut. 

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