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4848-VPL Vertical Plate Saw

Machine Capacity: 48 x 48" (1200x1200mm)
Production Level: Plate and Block

DoALL offers vertical plate saws in 3 capacities, all are designed to efficiently and quietly cut large solid plates or blocks of material. The 4848-VPL plate saw in the DoALL vertical plate saw family offers capacity up to 48" x 48" (1200x1200mm). It runs on a 15 hp blade drive motor. With features like hydraulic blades guides, chip conveyor and hydraulic lift table with roller alignment system the DoALL 4848-VPL makes quick work of cutting very heavy material. All machines can be run with 2 blade sizes; either 2" (54mm) or 2-5/8" (67mm) blade options and have up to 118" (3000mm) feed length. All machines include a 1-year parts and service warranty.

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SKU 4848-VPL

Standard Equipment

  • PLC control for all electric and hydraulic functions
  • Easy-to-use touch screen interface
  • Hydraulic lift roller table
  • Blade deviation monitor
  • Coolant monitor
  • Automatic, heavy-duty chip conveyor
  • Power-driven band blade brush
  • Emergency shut-off buttons
  • Tool kit
  • Complimentary DoALL cutting fluids package
  • One DoALL saw blade
  • Instructions and parts manual on CD or USB data stick
  • Cutting Capacity Rectangle: 48 x 48" (1200x1200mm)
  • Blade Drive Motor: 15 hp (11.1kW)
  • Hydraulic Pump Motor: 5 hp (3.75kW)
  • Coolant Pump Motor: 1/2 hp (0.37kW)
  • Blade Speed: 40-279 fpm (12-85mpm)
  • Blade Size: 2 x 0.063" (54x1.6mm)
  • Blade Length: 327" (8300mm)
  • Work Height: 55.1" (1400mm)
  • Feed Length: 118" (3000mm)
  • Floor Space Required: 161 x 252 x 178" (4100x6400x4500mm)


  • Optional laser line generator
  • Blade cleaning function
  • Hydraulic pressure detection
  • Out of square detection
(Size: 1.1 MB)
DoALL Saws for Forging Brochure
(Size: 4.5 MB)
DoALL Vertical Plate Saws