Luke Patzner is an energetic marketer and has been actively working as a Marketing Specialist for the past 8 months now. Luke has many nicknames around the office, such as Buddy The Elf. His job description says a lot about his tremendous work at DoALL. He is responsible for not only Lead Generations Campaigns but also analyzing consumer analytics, optimizing search engines, driving good traffic towards the company’s website, email marketing, and many other marketing programs.

Luke’s most interesting previous role was as an expert seller of Collectors Coins third-party company that directly worked for Federal Reserve. His passion for selling anything led him to move forward and take a step ahead by joining our team with the utmost energy as ever before.

Luke PatznerDoALL has empowered him by learning every useful skill set of the marketing field, especially in the manufacturing sector. The unique environment of the marketing department has made it easier for him to achieve his future endeavors. That’s the reason for him being very passionate about problem-solving and marketing skills.

He nobly thinks that no challenge is impossible to overcome. Although he has faced numerous challenges to accomplish error-free achievements. Such as his typical days include multitasking and managing all the tasks related to his vast marketing job. That includes editing and creating suitable marketing material, working on generating leads, and delivering promotional content of DoALL for social media platforms to his sales team to track on.

Luke enjoys event planning such as the DoALL picnic and tradeshows. He likes to interact with every team member and client as they inspire him to work for DoALL. He remembers his proudest moment with us and played a phenomenal role in the cold calling campaign and setting up of the steel service center initiative.

Some random facts he would like to share: People didn’t always say “hello” when they answered the phone. When the first regular phone service was established in 1878, Alexander Graham Bell suggested answering the phone with “ahoy."


Luke has a great sense of humor his favorite quote when answering the phone internally is, "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?"


Designing clothes and trading stocks are the utmost hobbies of Luke. His dad is the greatest role model for him, and he never forgets his advice which is “Don’t fight with someone who has nothing to lose”.