Content marketing designerA year and nine months ago, Cherie DeBrule (Cher) stepped into the role of DoALL’s Marketing Content Designer. In her current role here at DoALL, she oversees content requirements, creates content strategy deliverables across a project life cycle, envelopes the components of DoALL’s marketing strategy, and online advertising campaign. 

Cherie’s talented in researching current content trends and target audiences. After applying current trends, she takes DoALL’s brand’s story and envisions how content will be presented or distributed in formats whether it be blog articles, graphics, videos, or other digital formats. Her creative talents allow her to also create visual assets to our website, social media platforms, newsletters, webinars, and blog posts. She also uses her creative ideas for interior design and marketing event planning. In the first three months, she was here, Cherie created fun engaging posts on the DoALL’s social media, which doubled our likes and followers; just one of many of her shining accomplishments here at DoALL. She loves working for DoALL because she is able to use her creative freedom on the projects she’s engaged in - “There are always new designs to craft, tools to use, and ideas to come up with; possibilities are endless. As a designer and marketer, you have a real impact on making something happen in the best way possible”.

One of the most interesting jobs she had was working for Hardware Hank, where she was the Lead Graphic Designer and managed their digital communications, and built brand visibility. She led a creative staff team that helped create the circulars and advertisements. She replied, It was fun setting up creative photoshoots, and design”.

miniature schnauzerA typical day at DoALL consists of checking her email, creatively organizing her to-do list, and working on priority tasks. She meets with the marketing team, sales team, vendors, and other coworkers to learn about products or services, report on campaign progress, and receive instructions for campaigns. These meetings allow her to ensure her creative efforts are aligned with strategy and measure key results to drive continuous improvements of content performance.

When Cherie isn’t here at DoALL, she is at home spending quality time with her two miniature schnauzers named Lula and LeRoy. She enjoys taking them on walks, weekly obedience training classes, and grooming them at home. Cherie enjoys cooking and food blogging - check out her creative recipe website . Other hobbies of hers include: biking, hiking, traveling, ice skating, bowling, gardening, hair styling, jewelry making, and nail design.

When asked what the best advice that she was ever given, she replied, “Make an oath of gratitude. Being aware of your goal to be more grateful can help you look for things to be more grateful for. Gratitude is a conscious decision. You have to practice it consistently.” She is someone who likes to express gratitude every day and lives by her favorite quote in life that is “Thoughts become things…choose the good ones”!

DoALL is grateful Cherie has found her niche and has become part of the DoALL family - You will probably see her around the office engaged in her work; please say hello and introduce yourself.