Becky OwenMeet DoALL's Human Resources Manager, Becky Owen. She is in charge of all HR activities and functions for both the company and the employees. She is responsible for DoALL's work culture, strategizing on goals with the executive management team, and providing status updates as needed. She is dedicated to enhancing the work environment for all DoALL employees.

Her priority is making sure that everyone who joins our team feels right at home in the ever-expanding family here at DoALL. She's a go-to person for employees and managers with any questions, especially as the COVID-19 mess unfolds. She engages in a dual "dance" with the leadership team and the employees to reduce any risk to the organization while also caring for the people. She ensures that all staff are healthy, contributes to DoALL's profitability, purpose, and culture in a strategic way.

Becky's motorcycleA typical day for her includes; attending a morning manager meeting, attending some department meetings (when she has the opportunity), answering any questions or concerns that employees may have, reviewing the latest COVID 19 news, safety procedures, training opportunities, and working on some projects to grow and develop employee engagement and the culture here at DoALL.

Her favorite thing about working at DoALL is the people! She enjoys getting to know the employees and learning how the organization operates. Becky is a people person; during the day, you'll find her stepping out of her cubicle and socializing with the rest of the staff.  She enjoys having in-depth interactions with each employee to better grasp their role in DoALL. She is devoted to assisting others in their growth and development.

Becky enjoys event planning, and one of her finest achievements was organizing the holiday party. A lot of effort goes into throwing a party behind the scenes, and Becky makes it appear effortless!

Becky's dogBecky's career advancement has been aided by DoALL. Understanding the relationships between DoALL, DGI, Greenlee, and others is the most difficult thing for her at DoALL. She has been given new challenges and resources to use to expand her expertise. Prior to her current position, working at a paper mill was the most unusual or interesting job she had. During her college summers, she had the opportunity to operate a forklift, bobcat, and other heavy machinery.

Becky's hobbies include riding a motorcycle, traveling, being outside, reading, cooking/baking, and fishing when she is not at work. She also enjoys spending time with her dog, Rue!


"Work smarter, not harder," is her favorite quote.

When asked what’s the great bit of advice she has ever been given, she replied,” To give it becky's dog rueyour best every time. Do it right the first time my Dad always used to say to us.”

If Hollywood decides to make a film on her life, she wants Melissa McCarthy to play her.