Are you a small to medium-sized fabricator or machine shop looking for a band saw to make precise cuts in a range of materials? Look no further than the 400S StructurALL band saw from DoALL Sawing Products. Swiveling 45 degrees, it's the ideal machine for the small to medium fabricator or machine shop, looking to make extremely accurate (straight or miter) cuts in smaller quantities.  It has a 9" high x 16" wide capacity for rectangles and 10-3/4" rounds at 0 degrees, and can cut materials such as aluminum, inconel, and more. A variety of options such as pneumatic head-lift and pneumatic vise attachments can be equipped to this manual machine to further ease operation.

At Fabtech 2022, DoALL Sawing Products introduced the upgraded 400S with several new features. Steve Yulga, Director of Sales & Marketing at DoALL Sawing Products, said, “We have reimagined the 400S from a variable pulley drive system to a VFD. The 400S evolved from C-916S. The 400S is one of the most popular models and sizes of sawing machines, and for good reason. Every single 400S is meticulously crafted with the utmost care and precision at our facility in Savage, Minnesota, ensuring that you receive the very best quality sawing machine available.”

Below are the top three new features of the 400S.

Feature #1- Fixed Control Console

The first new feature of the 400S is the fixed control console. The moveable pedestal was upgraded to a fixed control console for improved safety and stability.

Feature #2- Variable Frequency Drive

The variable pulley was replaced with a VFD. This increases the band motor size from 2 Hp to 3 Hp, providing more torque to the blade.

Feature #3-Increased Band Drive Speed

The band drive speed of the 400S was increased from 50 fpm to 400 fpm. This allows the saw to cut a wide range of materials, from metals such as from inconel to aluminum.

The 400S can also be equipped with additional options such as a work light, laser line generator, and band mist lubricator, to make the sawing operation even easier.

For a comprehensive look at the top three new features of the 400S, check out this video:

Step Up Your Cutting Game with the DoALL 400s Structual Band Saw!

The 400S StructurALL band saw from DoALL Sawing Products is the ideal machine for small to medium-sized fabricators and machine shops looking for a precise, high-quality cutting solution for all types of structural materials. With the fixed control console, VFD, increased band drive speed, and additional options, the 400S is sure to be a valuable addition to your shop.