Designed with fabricators in mind.

The DS-500SA is the “utility infielder” of saws designed to fill multiple roles within your business.

Offering more standard options and versatility than the competition is what makes the DoALL DS-500SA the best player on your team.

Standard features include a variable vise pressure control, an LED work light that improves energy efficiency and visibility in the shop, and mist-style band lubrication to improve performance.

See the DoALL DS-500SA in action:

Specs of the DS-500SA
Machine capacity: 14x20" (360x500mm)
Round tube: 15″ (380mm) | round solid: 9-7/8″ (250mm)
Production level: intermittent

The DoALL DS-500SA StructurALL® semi-automatic, dual-miter metal-cutting band saw is designed for cutting material both linear and at angles. Miter angle cuts are possible up to 60° left and right -- meeting the complex needs of fabrication applications.

A digital readout comes standard and makes it easy to verify exact cutting angles. This product is classified as a horizontal structural, scissor saw.

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