Customer Support

Customer Support Services:

Submit your questions via the online forms, email link or call 1-888-DoALLSaws (1-888-362-5572) using the department extensions:

Sawing Machines Sales Support:
Debi McCord, Sales Support Manager - Email                                  Melinda Krueger, Customer Support - Email
Phone: 1-888-362-5572  Ext 67587   Fax: 866-487-8895                1-888-362-5572  Ext 69530

DoALL Band Saw Blades and Cutting Fluids:
Brenda Lee Mercado - Email
Contour Saws, Inc.  1217 E. Thacker St, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Phone: 1-800-259-6834 x61439  Fax: 1-886-463-7960