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Replaces Part #: 91102632, 091102632, 091-102632
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Extend the life of your bandsaw with the DoALL Sawing Products coolant pump. This bandsaw coolant pump is a cut above the competition. Our saw coolant pump will recirculate coolant to the cutting area to help maintain the bandsaw blade and extend its life. 

A coolant pump is an essential piece of equipment in proper bandsaw maintenance. Friction and heat build up when the blade cuts into metal. Over time, that heat and friction can damage the blade teeth and lead to chipping. A coolant pump reduces friction and heat while improving your saw's cutting rate and protecting the tool. You can cut faster for longer, which means more money for less effort.

Product Details

This product includes a submersible pump, cord and filter. At DoALL Sawing Products, we're committed to ensuring our products meet our high safety and quality standards. Read all of the directions on the product label before use.

Choosing a Coolant

The type of coolant you need primarily depends on the materials you're cutting. In general, you can use a water-based coolant if you're cutting steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Other metals, such as brass, bronze or alloy steels, might require oil-based or synthetic coolants. 

As with other coolant pumps, check to see there's an adequate amount of coolant before running it. Make sure to not run the coolant pump dry, and only use DoALL Sawing Products-approved coolants.

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If you're ready to work smarter instead of harder, then our coolant pump is the product for you. Our knowledgeable team is available to answer questions or provide advice. 

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