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  • Hats Off to the recent DoALL Milestone Service Award Recipients

    Please join us in congratulating the following employees on reaching service award milestones this year:
    - Ken Mushitz 46 years
    - James Jilek 35 years
    - Pat Schmidt 24 years
    - Duane Lapic 23 years
    - Jim Verbeke 18 years
    - Art Allen 5 years

    Shown to the right  - Jim Jilek receives his 35-year service award from Kurt Plechaty at our recent company picnic.

  • Congratulations to Milestone Service Award Recipients

    Kurt Plechaty presents Melinda and Luis with their 1 year service award.

    Please join us in congratulating the following employees on reaching service award milestones this year:
    - Arnold Kabes 45 years
    - Roger Anderson 35 years
    - James Jilek 35 years
    - Janice Kovala 3 years
    With 1 year of service :
    - Luis Alfaro
    - Melinda Krueger
    - Michael Mandigo
    - Diana Janke
    - Steve Yulga
    - David Kelley 

  • DoALL® Sawing Products Expands Its Sales and Field Service Teams

    DoALL Sawing Products has expanded its sales and field service team in the continental United States. DoALL has added four new regional sales managers and reconfigured from three to seven sales territories.

    “We are excited to announce the new, expanded sales structure because it will allow us to provide more time and attention to our customers and distribution partners,” said Kurt Plechaty, President - DoALL Sawing Products. “Our sales team is the best in the industry! Along with their many years of sawing application experience, they are experts in new sawing technology.  Our sales team can assist with, and provide solutions for, sawing applications with world class band saws, band saw blades, cutting fluids, installation assistance, start-up, operational training and integrated material handling needs.”

    Details of our new sales territories can be found on the DoALL website at: https://www.doallsaws.com/contact-us/sales

    CMI also increased support for the entire DoALL product line through their team of service and repair professionals as well as expanded the availability of genuine DoALL replacement parts in their online parts store. Our skilled team of service professionals are trained in service and repair of the entire line of DoALL and other brands of industrial band saws.

    Marketing contact:
    Janice Kovala

  • Congratulations to Diana Janke - our new Service Manager

    DoALL would like to announce the promotion of Diana Janke to Service Manager, DoALL Sawing Products.  In her new role, Diana will coordinate remote service, installations, technical support, customer Service and service scheduling. 

    Diana began her employment as our Service Coordinator and has made an immediate impact.  She has brought improved efficiency, a higher level of customer service and a renewed energy to our service group.

    Posted by Janice Kovala 

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