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  • Case study outlines how the DC-420NC cuts time and capital costs

    modermetals-case-studyIn their October 2016 issue, metal fabricating and forming magazine Modern Metals published a case study highlighting the improved efficiencies experienced by Speedy Metals after purchasing the Continental Series™ DC-420NC high production metal cutting band saw.

    Speedy Metals was looking for an efficient and durable band saw that would effectively withstand their rapid, hectic production schedule. Their goal for the new machine was to meet customer demands, bolster earnings while maintaining a secure work environment.

    The standard features on the saw helped Speedy Metals gain a significant advantage over their metal processing competitors. The DC-420NC nesting capabilities allowed them to bundle cut multiple bars at a time and increase production time. The benefit of the variable vise pressure control allowed them to precisely cut thin-walled tubing to size.

    A 30-day trial of one DoALL Continental Series DC-420NC resulted in 10 additional machines being put into production over a span of six months’ time.

    Read the case study how the multiple capabilities of the DC-420NC helped Speedy Metals enhance their productivity and raise profit margins.

    Speedy Metals is an online industrial metal supply company that distributes aluminum alloys, copper and brass, carbon hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheet, stainless and tool steels. They also operate sawing, shearing and cutting equipment.

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