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  • DoALL Sawing Products bringing four brand-new saws and four favorites to IMTS

    LogoBoothDoALL Sawing Products will showcase eight metal cutting band saws at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), September 12 – 16 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

    On display will be four of our most popular saws along with four brand-new high performance machines – the Hercules ™ DC-400CNC dual column enclosed CNC band saw, the specialty tube and pipe saw, the Olympia ™  TDC-400CNC, the StructurALL® dual column, dual swivel  DCDS-600SA and general purpose miter saw,  DS-280SA. 

    Visitors to Booth N7074 will be able to experience hands-on demonstrations and see the advanced features of the high quality machines for themselves.  Guests will see:

    DC-400CNCNEW high production, horizontal enclosed CNC – highly efficient, automatic, hydraulically controlled with multiple material feeds. Designed for vertical cuts and ideal for serial production in industrial settings.

    TDC-400CNC – NEW automatic dual column CNC saw specially designed to cut solid and standard tube and pipe.  Offers bundling to save time and money in high production environments like metal service centers.

    DCDS-600SA NEW semi-automatic, dual column, dual mitering metal cutting band saw ideal for production sawing of a large variety of materials including structural solids, stainless and tool steel.

    DS-280SA – NEW StructurALL semi-automatic, dual-miter band saw designed for cutting vertical and angular material for low volume piece production.

    SC-75A – Circular saw Ideal for cutting small diameters, sort lengths and thousands of parts. Full automation for intricate and precise cuts saves time and money.

    DC-330NC – Production Column Saw designed for cutting a wide variety of materials on a production basis, the Continental Series ™ by DoALL come fully equipped with features that exceed the competition.

    400-S – Part of the StructurALL family of horizontal scissor saws, swivels to 45 degrees and is the ideal machine for machine shops looking to make extremely accurate straight or miter cuts in smaller quantities.

    2013-V3 –  The most versatile metal cutting band saw available, vertical contour saws feature band speeds that allow contouring, cut-off and machining of almost any material.

    Stop by Booth N7074 to see these machines cut.  Our highly knowledgeable sawing specialists will be available to talk with you about the newest operational sawing solutions that improve product quality, increase productivity and save money.

    About IMTS
    IMTS 2016 - the 31st edition of one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world. Attendees gain valuable ideas and insight from over 2,000 exhibitors in the metalworking industry.  Products and productivity solutions will cover over 1.3 million net square feet of exhibit space at the McCormick Place complex in Chicago.

  • DoALL’s expanding product line and service plans featured in sawing publication

    SawProductivity June 2016 Sawing Productivity

    DoALL Sawing Product’s decades long commitment to service and technical support was the subject of a feature article in metal working publication FabShop Direct’s quarterly insert, Sawing Productivity.

    The article provides a brief history of DoALL, news about the product line expansion and details on new comprehensive service plans built and tailored to fit a variety of individual customer needs.

    Also featured is Desand Hall, one of eight regional field service technicians across the country responsible for installation, service and repair of metal cutting band saws. Read  "Stepping Up Service"

  • Early IMTS savings offered on six popular saws

    No need to wait for IMTS show specials - experience savings now on your choice of five Continental Series™ production column saws and the versatile upright 3613-V3.

    IMTS SavingsGet 10% off the list price on five Continental Series™ production column, metal cutting band saws. Take advantage of the special pricing on your choice of the DC-420NC, DC-460NC,  DC-560NC, DC-700NC, and DC-800NC. All five offer automatic operation, numerical control, variable vice pressure control along with solid heavy duty construction.  Chip auger, vertical guide rollers,  7′ conveyor, nesting fixture and work light are included at no charge. Offer ends on August 31, 2016. More info on early IMTS savings.

  • DoALL Will Introduce Four NEW Product Lines at IMTS 2016

    Continuing to serve its customers with innovative, high quality products, DoALL Sawing Products is broadly expanding its product line with the addition of nineteen new band saws. These new high-performance saws will provide versatile, efficient, economical and accurate sawing solutions for steel service centers, tool making, high-end metalworking, machine shops and fabrication shops around the globe. DoALL will have six machines available for demonstrations in the North Hall, Booth N-7074 from September 12th through the 17th at IMTS 2016. The new metal-cutting band saws being introduced at IMTS meet the stringent tradition of high quality that DoALL customers expect. 

    DoALL Will Introduce 4 Product Families at IMTS 2016 DoALL will Introduce 19 New Band Saws from 4 Product Families in September at IMTS 2016

    1. DoALL Hercules™ Dual Column Enclosed CNC Band Saws - DoALL Sawing Products is offering four new automatic dual column, enclosed Hercules CNC industrial metal-cutting band saws in its standard product line, the DC-300CNC, DC-400CNC, DC-510CNC and DC-750CNC. Learn more and request a quote!

    2. DoALL Olympia™ Heavy-Duty Tube and Pipe Band Saws - DoALL is offering six new dual column, specialty tube and pipe industrial metal-cutting band saws in its standard product line, the TDC-600, TDC-1000 and  TDC-1400 semi-automatic machines, and the TDC-400CNC, TDC-600CNC and TDC-1000CNC automatic CNC machines. Learn more and request a quote!

    3. DoALL StructurALL® Dual Column, Dual Swivel Horizontal Band Saws - DoALL is offering four new dual column, dual swivel StructurALL® industrial metal-cutting band saws in its standard product line, the DCDS-600SA, DCDS-600NC, DCDS-750SA and DCDS-750NC. Learn more and request a quote!

    4. DoALL StructurALL Dual Swivel Band Saws - DoALL is offering five new StructurALL dual swivel metal-cutting band saws to its standard product line, the DC-280M manual, DS-280SA and DS-500SA semi-automatic and the DS-280CNC and DS400CNC dual-swivel automatic CNC machines. This family of band saws is designed for cutting structural profiles. Learn more and request a quote!

  • DoALL Sawing Products recaptures number one spot

    Annual brand survey reveals service center executive favorite brands of metal processing equipment.

    NUMBER1 Voted No. 1 brand in sawing category

    In their May 2016 issue, metal distribution industry magazine Metal Center News released the results of their annual survey announcing the Top 10 Service Center Equipment Brands.

    DoALL Sawing Products ranked No. 1 in the sawing category, claiming the top spot for the third time in five years.

    Through information gathered from a series of email polls taken last fall, readers were asked to rank brands of metal processing equipment. Respondents were given an alphabetical list of the 15 largest companies in four product categories (coil processing, sawing, cutting and material handling) with instructions to “check all the suppliers that you endorse and would buy from in the future.” The survey asked service center readers to identify which brands of metal processing equipment they would recommend to others planning a capital investment.

    The final ranking is based on the total number of votes each company received and gives a rough indication of positive brand awareness and highest levels of customer satisfaction among service center executives.

    In past surveys, DoALL Sawing Products has consistently placed in the top five for sawing, ranking No. 1 in 2012 and 2013. A long history of innovation, dependability and performance is the reason the DoALL brand remains the most recognized name in sawing. More info.

  • A maritime history of service, versatility and longevity

    DoALL V-36 Vertical Contour DoALL V-36 Vertical Contour Saw

    Located along the harbor in historic Charleston, S.C., is Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, home to a fleet of military watercraft – destroyer USS Laffey, submarine USS Clamagore and WWII’s Fighting Lady, USS Yorktown.  Onboard and on display the landmark ship Yorktown, lives a little piece of DoALL history.

    In the machine shop, part of the aircraft carrier’s living and working tour, is a vintage DoALL model V-36. The upright saw, one of 5,000 manufactured between 1939 and 1953, is a predecessor to DoALL’s current line of vertical contour band saws.

    The limited space available on a wartime battleship was a likely factor in choosing the upright V-36. With their ability to cut all kinds of materials and band speeds that allow for contouring, cut-off and machining, DoALL vertical contour saws have long been the most versatile sawing machines on the market.


    About the USS Yorktown

    USSYorktown USS Yorktown

    Commissioned for the United States Navy in 1943, the second of the Essex-class aircraft carriers, Yorktown became part of the fast-carrier task forces, the core of the U.S. fleet. Beginning in late 1943, she participated in the Pacific Offensive that ended with the defeat of Japan, earning her a total of 11 battle stars for service in WWII.

    After modification in the 1950’s, Yorktown would go on to earn 4 more battle stars for service in Vietnam. Before settling into a life of retirement, she played an integral part in the mission to recover the crew from Apollo 8, the first manned flight to orbit the moon.

    Along with her American crews, the iconic carrier USS Yorktown persevered through a multitude of heroic campaigns for over three decades. DoALL Sawing Products is honored to be aboard.

  • DoALL Offers Two New Dual Column, Large Capacity Semi-Automatic Saws

    DoALL® has added two dual column, large capacity semi-automatic, metal cutting band saws to its current Continental Series™ product line. 

    The DoALL DC-1100SA offers semi-automatic capacities on rectangles at 43.3" x 43.3" (1,100 x 1,100 mm) and the DC-1700SA boasts a rectangle capacity of 67" x 51.2" (1,700 x 1,300 mm). 

    The proven feed system from DoALL increases blade life and cutting accuracy as the operator is not manually pressuring or overloading the saw blade during the cut.

    Learn more or request a quote for the DC-1100SA.

    Request a quote or learn more about the DC-1700SA.

    Learn more about the DoALL full line of semi-automatic band saws at:

    Media Contact: 
    Email: Janice Kovala, Strategic Marketing Manager
    DoAll Sawing Products -

    The DC-1700SA offers a round capacity of 51.2″ (1,300mm) . The DoALL DC-1700SA offers a round capacity of 51.2" (1,300 mm).
    The DoALL DC-1100SA offers a round capacity of 43.3” (1,100mm). The DoALL DC-1100SA offers a round capacity of 43.3" (1,100 mm).
  • DoALL launches new Exploded View Parts Ordering Capabilities

    DoALL metal cutting band saw owners can now order repair, replacement and service parts directly from online parts manuals that highlight Exploded Views. Learn more at:

    Just by going online, end users can now find DoALL band saw Parts Manuals and then use associated Index pages to highlight the part or assembly description (i.e. "Final Assembly" or "Worklamp") to produce an Exploded View page calling out referenced Part Numbers. If the replacement part is available in the DoALL online Parts Store the availability will be highlighted on the page for immediate ordering. This new feature saves both time and money when looking to find and purchase replacement or service parts.

     If end users already know their part number(s) they should visit the online Parts Store directly at: With almost 1,500 parts available, it's easier than ever to order the service and replacement parts you need. Fill your cart with genuine DoALL parts 24 hours a day.

    Sample of Exploded View Parts ordering screen on Sample of Exploded View Parts ordering screen on


    Media Contact:
    Janice Kovala, Strategic Marketing Manager
    DoAll Sawing Products -
    TEL: (952) 895-6406

  • Staff member featured in university publications

    Heqiu Liu, design engineer at Continental Machines, Inc.—manufacturer of DoALL Sawing Products metal cutting band saws—was recently featured in two of his alma mater’s publications, St. Cloud State TODAY and St. Cloud State Outlook Magazine.

    Heqiu Liu Liu with DoALL's HS-8484 indexing table

    The articles detail Liu’s role in designing the complex indexing table for the DoALL HS-8484, an 18-foot band saw that rotates, tilts, and cuts steel belted tires up to 14 feet in diameter and weighing up to 20,000 pounds.

    Liu, a 2014 magna cum laude graduate of St. Cloud State University, balances his engineering skills with photography, which earned him first place in the 2014 and 2015 St. Cloud Greater Photo Contest. In 2014, he exhibited at the Minnesota State Fair and sold his exhibit photo.

    Photo by Heqiu Liu Photo by Heqiu Liu

    Future plans include using his technical background to capture underwater and aerial images with motion control robots, but taking those photos require expensive equipment. “Instead of spending thousands of dollars on robots, I want to design them with my friends,” he said.

    Liu uses his eye for functionality and design at DoALL Sawing Products in the area of new product development.

    Read the articles at St. Cloud State TODAY and Outlook Magazine.

  • DoALL Customer Testimonial - George Knight

    Saws-Geo-Knight130 year-old company rates DoALL saws highest in quality and dependability

    Geo. Knight & Co. Inc., Brockton, Massachusetts manufacturer of industrial press and die cutting machinery since 1885, takes pride that their practical ability and common sense approach has earned them such a stellar reputation in the imprinting industry.

    When it came time to replace some very old pieces of machinery, proprietor George Knight knew instantly who to reach out to.

    “It was without question or hesitation we immediately contacted DoALL for our new purchase needs,” said George.  The quick decision resulted in a multiple machine purchase including the DoALL 400-S structural saw and 2013-V vertical contour band saw.

    “The saws have stood up to our extreme heavy production requirements and continue to work as well today as they did when we purchased them a few years ago,” states George. “DoALL has proven over many years that they know what truly matters – that is the desire to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations of quality, function and dependability.”

    View the 2013-V and 400-S videos.

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