DoALL University

Performed by trained DoALL Factory Regional Managers, DoALL has had a tremendous success with this value added training class.  With demand it continues to be scheduled with existing customers, potential customers, customers with competitive sawing equipment, and DoALL distribution.

The DoALL University was created by DSP Factory Regional Manager Tim Piehel, in Houston, TX to provide the educational and operational sawing solution experience to plant saw operators, maintenance personnel, and department supervisors.  The training is designed to enhance and educate the saw operator with a “generic”, professionally projected instructional training course, relating to sawing applications.  In which today, operators are required to perform with a higher level of knowledge, skill, and urgency.

The DoALL University concentrates on details relating to the correct operation of saws, blades, and coolants in the workplace.  The training consists of 4 hours of classroom experience, which includes hands on machine training.  This training program is an experienced training program aligned toward real sawing solutions.  DoALL University is our way of ensuring a higher level of competence, and reliability for all of our customers and suppliers.

DoALL University is the added value DoALL provides to customers as it represents the highest standard of performance in everything we do.  We owe every customer and every supplier this value added service or we have not fulfilled our end of the relationship.

Our goal: Provide education to the sawing industry through DoALL qualified, sawing solutions personnel.

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