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11'6"X1"X.035 6T DOALL


Dart™ blades for non-production sawing highly machinable materials. Use these blades to saw mild steels and other metals; plastic, aluminum, and wood.
Type: Carbon Steel Dart Band Saw Blade - Welded, Hard Back, Straight Set
Model: 308-502
Material: M42 HSS
Pitch: 6 teeth per inch
Width: 0.625inches (34mm)
Gage: 0.032 inches (1.1mm)
Length: 234 inches or 11'6" (mm)

This part is on backorder
SKU 308-502138.000

• Carbon steel teeth
• Flexible hardened back
• Hardened tooth tip
• Accepts high tension
• Resists scoring
• Extended cutting life
• For non-production, highly machinable materials
• Mild steels and other non-ferrous metals, plastics,
aluminum, and wood
• Perfect for vertical band saw machines